About The Book

The Secrecy of UK Family Courts has been the subject of our activities and online campaigns for many years. Taking the issue to the EU Parliament was a kind of ‘last resort’. However, it caused problems for parents who had come as supporters with hope, after theirĀ children had been wrongfully taken by UK Social Services and Police, ‘legitimised’ by secret Family Courts and some forcibly adopted, i.e. without their consent.

This experience was already ‘too much’ in March 2014, but certainly got aggravated, when we watched the cover-ups of the crimes that the ‘whistleblower kids’ had witnessed. The former UK Secretary of the Petitions Committee had said: “The UK can’t have it both ways: be part of a club, and not play by its members’ rules.”

In a BBC film, the current Chair of the Petitions Committee said: “This is against the Charter of Fundamental Rights, i.e. against European principles.”

This book is meant to help spread awareness and share disillusionment in a system of institutions that, so far, has failed far too many of us bitterly and cruelly.