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11 According to EU Directives you behaved lawfully…but the UK Authorities did not.

Deborah Mahmoudieh has lots of legal experience as a seasoned McKenzie Friend. Her first contribution to the case of the whistleblower kids was a video ‘Save the Children’, which was among the hundreds of videos on the case that YouTube deleted. Again, note how a huge internet corporation fell prostrate at the feet of the systematic corruption this case was uncovering at every step.

When I sent Deborah two crucial links to the case, she took to them like a super-duck to super-water, and produced some flawless work supporting our cause. The first was:

Since then, she has also produced a Witness Statement for the Appeal, based on the EU Directive on combating sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography.

She also produced a Crime Report

  • for UK Police with an Executive Summary and a Petition leaflet
  • and the BBC, who, in the wake of the Jimmy Saville abuse revelations, should be well-motivated to undertake their own investigations, yet have not done.

Deborah also wrote a report for the EU Commission on the discrepancy between EU Directives and UK Family Courts, which I will be taking to Brussels.

On this subject, the former UK Secretary of the EU Petitions Committee had said this to me:

“the UK can’t have it both ways; be part of a Club yet not follow its members’ rules…”

But it seems the UK doesn’t realise this…


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