45 Can Strasbourg Help?

This report was written in November 2012 by UK Christopher Chope MP, who explained that the Council of Europe (CoE) in Strasbourg may be more effective than the Parliament of MEPs in Brussels in the area of human rights and family courts.

The CoE is composed of national MPs and not MEPs. But due to the UK election, I have to wait before approaching anybody again.

Recently, however, on 23 April 2015, Russian Duma member Olga Borzova placed this submission on the agenda of the Plenary Session:


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2 Responses to Can Strasbourg Help?

  1. Danny on June 22, 2015 at 8:33 am says:

    I fail to see how Britain can say that Democracy and Human Rights exists here when Statute English Law does NOT consist basic Human Rights.
    The Lower Courts blatantly disregard and infringe your Human Rights and refuses any Appeals and if you still manages to Appeal to the Court of Appeal, they also tells you to get lost and that there no more chance or success of Appeals in this Country {UK}.
    Therefore, if Mr. Cameron does opt out of Europe, where will we go for Justice? We might have to do like Ms.Sabine Mc Neil and LEAVE the UK permanently.
    This absolutely unconstitutional, inhumane and draconian. We might as well bring Capital Punishment, the Guliotine at once and the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz to the UK.

    • Sabine McNeill on June 22, 2015 at 4:51 pm says:

      Yes, yes, Danny!

      A very good investigative historian writes:

      My principal argument in voting for the EU is that…following a political lifetime of creeping awareness that the class system deeply embedded in the consciousness of the British voting public makes any democratic change in England (through voting), well nigh impossible…is that:

      (1) Change is more likely to come from Europe than from within the British power structure;
      (2) Protection of British citizen-subjects and their children against abuse by those in power is not possible by reliance on the existing ruling elite(s).

      More by this thinker on http://www.cesc.net/

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