5 International Concerns about UK Law

The title is an Early Day Motion that John Hemming MP tabled in July 2013.

No other MP signed this motion. Does that mean that no other MPs were concerned?

The motion states:

That this House notes that 59 people representing the embassies of over 30 different countries attended a meeting in the House to discuss concerns about the perceived failure of courts in England and Wales properly to follow Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights; further notes that previously a number of governments have formally complained to the UK about the failures of the English and Welsh jurisdiction; recognises that international concern about the operation of care proceedings in the UK is growing; and calls for the Government and judiciary to respond to this concern.

Two years after this motion was tabled, I would represent UK victims at a seminar in Brussels addressing this exact issue, where seven EU countries would compare, contrast and measure which country was the worst offender.


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