by Alan Wrightson

This book is a concise review and analysis of the many problems currently besetting modern society in its treatment of families, both children and parents. Sabine McNeill is a long-time lay-legal advisor, working with a voluntary organisation called the Association of McKenzie Friends. They help people involved in legal disputes with social services, local councils and other family-related institutions, and especially parents wrongfully imprisoned and deported.

It is this experience which Sabine has drawn on to investigate the problems of state child-snatching, forced adoptions, care-home abuse, judicial cover-ups and EU black-holes which she documents in this book.

The picture she paints is a disturbing one; of a consolidated mechanism operating through the very institutions we rely on to protect children, yet which has turned this function on its head, so that instead it operates to support their abuse, kidnap and exploitation, and even goes on to cover these activities up in a co-ordinated manner involving the police, social services and local and national governments.

Sabine uses her involvement in a number of example cases to draw attention to the main mechanisms used by this conspiratorial network of institutional child-abusers and their protectors: amongst these is the ongoing Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse case, which is a comprehensive, although terrible, example of the social manipulations paedophiles and their protectors have been able to perpetrate on innocent children, their families and their supporters. The web of the cover-up in just this one case is breath-taking to behold, involving, as it does, the police, judiciary, social services, local and national governments, international internet corporations and even the national media trying to weave a single, complex truth-resistant veil over the terrible sordid truth that two innocent young children revealed to their loving mother, and which child-abusers everywhere desperately do not want to be revealed to the wider public.

And so it is that we enter upon a strange new world of experience…where simple truth is decried as fantasy by the powerful, and their sick activities are hushed-up by those of their friends determined to perpetuate the abuse of children.

Over to Sabine, now, who speaks of what she calls her ‘gradual shock therapy’: from the first case, which she thought was the worst, involving the mother’s imprisonment and the daughter being given to the abusive father, to the worst of all child-snatching cases involving seven children being taken from their imprisoned parents, with two of them being adopted. And then, after some 50 or so cases, she came to absolutely the worst one, involving 2 child victims / witnesses, 18 more child victims, over 70 abusers, at least 8 schools and a church…and the cover-up of all cover-ups.


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